Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Extended Weekends!

So, Saturday I read Deadline Dames and found out that Keri Arthur's Moon Sworn had been released. And then found out something even more surprising.... It's the last of the series. I have been avidly reading Urban Fantasy since I discovered it and I didn't think these series ever ended. LKH -- I don't think hers qualifies as Urban Fantasy anymore, but it's the same characters as early the books that did -- is on book 19.


Other series I've read seem just as happy to continue. Kim Harrison's The Hollows series in on 8. Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series is on 10. The eighth book in Carrie Vaughn's series about a werewolf named Kitty will be released in July. Jim Butcher has 12 of the Dresden File books out with a space holder already up for book 13.

They all seem happy to keep going. And, honestly, I like the characters and the worlds and the people and I'm happy enough to keep reading along.

But a series that ends! It almost seems like a novel idea right now. In this genre.

I got so excited about the ending that I searched through my bookshelf, found the three books still in my possession (I lend out books I enjoy --suddenly feeling like a pusher here, try it, first one's free-- and they don't always come back), realized I was behind by the one released last year (how did that happen???), and went directly to the local Borders.

Books 5-9 in hand, I sat down for a holiday weekend of reading. My husband spent several days enjoying his time with the children. Spending his every moment with them. (He did enjoy it, I swear.) While I read. Five books in two days.

It was the best holiday weekend EVER!

And the books were great! The ending might have been a little much in the romance HEA department, solving nine books of problems in an almost surprisingly quick wrap-up, but still great stories. And the character that I've enjoyed reading about for so long gets to live Happily Ever After!

What could be better than that?

All in all, I loved them. The series and the ending. I will put them on my bookshelf (unless I can't help myself and I push them off on someone else) for me to read again in the future.

So I had an excellent holiday weekend (Thank you, Keri Arthur). How was yours?


  1. Not as good as yours! I'm still mired in Law and Order land... Help me, Netflix, you're my only hope.

    I stopped reading LKH a few books ago when the characters wouldn't shut the hell up and do something.

  2. There has been so many years of Law and Order -- and overlapping so if you finish SVU you can move on to Criminal Intent (and Bones is on Instant Download now too, so you can follow one crime show up with another.) It's hard to break away.

    I gave up LKH a while ago too. I think that's the common complaint. I think she got too mired in research, specifically writing sex scenes, and she's too busy putting all that research on paper to remember the story that originally drew us in. I really miss the Anita Blake of the early books, the raising zombies, working with police, and solving of crimes. I really loved the early books though.

  3. I loved the early books, too. I think that early love is why her newer books make me so angry. It's like character assassination.