Friday, June 18, 2010

Defending Serenity-- or drugged up rambling. I'm not sure.

I know, I'm falling down on the posting job. New medicine is keeping me mostly asleep. But in my sleepy inactivity I was reading rss feeds and was fed enough disagreement energy I had to say something.

This man just doesn't know Mal. --And on the snippy side of things, I'm not sure Megan Fox is any better prize than an expensive blow-up doll -- now with realistic life-like breasts. I'd certainly take Zoe over her anyday. Or Inarra. Or Kaylee. Hell, I'd even take Psycho-Crazy River Tam over her. At least it would make life interesting. Though I've got boobs, and a husband, so maybe my opinion doesn't count.

But Mal would win because he recognizes his 'little dog in a big world' state and doesn't fight "fair".

Paraphrased Mal: I need you to take a message to your boss.
Paraphrased Bad Guy: Burn in hell, Moron. My boss is going to find you and when he's done there won't be anything left.
Paraphrased Mal: -kicks bad guy into engine exhaust and takes a step to the right to stand in front of next bad guy-- I need you to take a message to your boss.

How is that not cool?

I like Mal.  Rick Castle's not bad either. He has the funny and he and his daughter play lasertag in their big-ass apartment -- filled with books! I need to get stuff to play lasertag. And multiple rooms full of books. But first I need to pay off the credit card. Damn finances (and medicines) keeping me from having fun.


  1. I agree. I love Captain Mal, and I hope they someday make another Firefly movie.

  2. I don't think we'll have that kind of luck. But they might do firefly comics. And we can always watch Joss and see what he does next. Dollhouse missed his usual wry humor, but was interesting otherwise. Unfortunately it came about the same time as Fringe and Flashforward --other oddity based shows without much humor. Apparently there can be too many of those.

    I can't wait to find out what I should look forward to next though.