Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What have I been doing?

Alright, the list from New Years....
  • Submit 12 short stories somewhere.
  • Finish my three current longer stories. Magic Moon, Half-Demonized, A Penny Saved
  • Re-re-re-edit Seeing Zombies
  • Have one of those four long stories ready for submitting by December.
  • Attend a writing conference/seminar/workshop.
  • Choose one non-writing skill to practice/become certified in - possibly tech or library-related.
I have submitted short stories to 3 different markets. Hooray! Only one month behind (not two, not yet -- I've almost got a week!) on this one. I'll get there, I think.

Longer stories. Haven't seen them in forever. Instead I started Ever and Ever, which I've also nearly stopped working on as I read a book about living in the year 1000. Not very good. I read a blog post this morning about staying faithful to your WIP (work in progress, for the non-writers who read this). He has a point. I will work harder on this one.

Seeing Zombies. I haven't opened it again, though it still runs through my head on occasion. Changes I need to make. Ideas to fix some problems. I wanted to finish a second novel before going back to work on this one that has taken so much of me, but I may not manage that if I can't stay faithful to one. Once more, I'll work on it.

Seven months to finish one of those long stories. I'll add Ever and Ever to the list of possibles.

Writing conference. Not in the budget this year. Sighs and Sadness. We went to Chicago with Hubby instead. It was fun. Maybe next year.

Non-writing related skill. Nope. Haven't done that either. But I did collect a bunch of locks from a garage sale to learn lockpicking -- and I picked one lock one time. That's got to count for something right??

OK, that's why I'd wanted to do this each week. To keep me honest and to keep me moving. I haven't made nearly enough progress. Can I work hard and catch up by the end of June? 

I'm certainly going to try.


  1. Picking locks sounds interesting. If I'm not writing I have to get all my info through wikipedia. Whereabouts in the country do you live? I think you said in a previous post, but I am very lazy.

  2. Central Florida, where we're already hitting the high 80s daily.