Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gone for Days -- Was it a week already?

So, we went to Chicago and had a great time. Then we came home and the plane was delayed two hours because of the darkness that ate Chicago (fog coated the city making the top half of it disappear)!
(Taken from the top of the Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier)

We missed our connecting flight. They postponed us to next morning, but we didn't like that plan so we got a plane to Jacksonville, rented a car and drove another two hours, most of that after midnight. 

Then we slept.

OK, we have children, so we didn't sleep, but we wanted to. We walked around like zombies for several days instead. 

We were barely over that when I started having to prepare for the colonoscopy, which also says I'm healthy and has no explanation for the bloating and cramping. 

I had a weekend of nearly everything I like to eat being proscribed -- corn, veggies, nuts, berries, fruits, anything with fiber. I ate Oyster Stew and Cream of Mushroom soup because it didn't say dairy on my don't eat it list. Then I had the clear liquids only diet which did proscribe dairy. Then the don't-eat-or-drink-anything-till-after-the-procedure diet.

All this for a 'sorry, can't help you' answer.


But now I should be back to normal life. Whatever that is.

On my goals? I have actually submitted the one short story I finished. Again. Crossed Genres rejections are easy to take because I can easily believe that it wasn't that my story was bad, but that it could be because their idea of gadgets and my idea of gadgets were different enough that my story didn't fit that issue. So I have sent it elsewhere. Will a rejection elsewhere mean it was a bad story? Probably not, but I need to get working on the next one any way. 

Just in case.

Other goals? Not so much. 

Next week I'll look back to New Years and copy/past them in their entirety here just to see how far behind I am.

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