Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Day

Not a really really bad day. Just a middling bad day.

It should have been a good day.

I got up and went to the gym. Then I took my children to the park. Hooray for activities.

Then I remembered that ever since the hospital, I still don't have the energy of my ten year old pekingese who only wakes up to keep the poodle from eating. -- Yes, she now has a plan to starve the poodle to death, only foiled by my realizing that seemed to be her plan and putting an extra food bowl in another room that the peke will never gather the energy to go find.

So now we're home and I'm utterly and completely exhausted. And then I had to get lunch and drinks and another drink and snacks and take Little Boy to the potty several times and clean up his several accidents. And I'm even more exhausted when the mailman gets here and the foo dogs I was so excited to win on ebay (Don't just shop; win) got here in pieces.

Now I could cry. I'm pretty sure they're not modern mass produced foo dogs that I could keep searching and find another hundred of. They're the neat kind I've seen in the expensive Chinese restaurants, where they look like they're playing, with their tails up, all painted in bright colors and gilt and each one takes two hands to lift because they're so big and heavy.

Well, now they take two hands to lift because they're broken all over and you have to use balance to keep from cutting yourself on them. Doesn't feel very much like a win to me. Even if I can glue most of them back together -- which I suppose is what I'll do next -- they'll never really be like they were.

Otherwise I would have told you about a relatively happy but non-productive week. I suppose I could simply say it's Monday. Does that make it all work?

Hopefully everyone else out there in Cyberland are having better a better Monday than me.