Friday, February 26, 2010

Neat Stuff!

If only I had wall space, LifeHacker had a great board game storage idea. Unfortunately the closest thing to a den we have is the room that had originally been a garage (converted well before we bought the house, else we'd have a garage) with the one wall only five foot high, another wall holding a fireplace, several odd angles, and the laundry room door, a wall for the computer desk and bookshelves as well as the entry to the rest of the house, and the last wall with the large double doors taking up most of the space. We had space to hang our diplomas in that room, but only barely.

One day, when Hubby convinces me that we can afford his dream house (I'm thinking more than ten years away, and that's if I can find a good library job as soon as youngest child goes to school) we'll have to try to remember this tip.

SciFi Guy talks about grammar. And Dinosaur Comics has been especially funny lately.

And Hack-N-Mod has such cool things to do, I wish I had more money, more time, and one of those things you use for soldering.

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  1. I love the boards enough that I might even try to do it.