Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wanting Wellness Wednesday

Six days gone and I haven't written a creative word this whole year. I think it was pneumonia. I was prescribed antibiotics when I still thought it was a sinus infection so I didn't bother to get it verified after it settled in my chest thinking they'd work for that too. It's taken almost a week, but I'm finally getting better -- though I'm still getting headaches if I stare at words for more than a few minutes -- on computer or paper, so I haven't even been able to read books through this illness. It's been making me feel quite a bit like a failure as a writer.

And then Graveside Tales said the story I sent them didn't fit with the other stories in their anthology. It was a nice enough rejection, but still sad. I suppose it makes sense. I can't read real horror (I have nightmares), so I almost certainly can't write it. Though I do like werewolves.

But Crossed Genres liked the one I sent them and they sent a contract asking if they could add it to issue #15.

That's always nice, but especially nice now, with the way I've been feeling lately.

All it takes is one small touch of validation (from someone other than family members) to overcome the I Suck Blues (easily succumbed to when my daily goal for nearly two weeks now has been "to feel better tomorrow"). Tomorrow, my goal for the day is to write a little -- and also I'm hoping to be able to use the computer for longer than five minute stretches spread throughout the day without getting a nasty headache.

Here's hoping for better health for the rest of blogland -- and for all of the realspace people who make blogland possible.

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