Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mid-week Slogging Report

A Penny Saved is taking a break while I come to grips with the idea that this one isn't ending up full novel length. I will get back to it soon, but until then, I'm doing short stories. I've written one and am halfway through a second, setting the first one aside for editing after my mind has been off it for a few days.

Then since
  • one is werewolf and dystopian in the style of urban fantasy and

  • one is werewolf with a child main character and creepy

I have to figure out which one should go to Graveside Tales and which one should go to Crossed Genres. It may end up backwards to what I'd originally thought since I think Graveside Tales might prefer the creepier one.

Anyway. That's where I am. Writing a few shorts while I take a break from the not-quite-novel. I'm also considering a necromancer and/or wizard short story later. Their deadlines aren't quite so close as the two I'm working on now though, so I have some time before I have to decide.

So that's where I am. Where are you?

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