Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grandma's Crucifix

I made a story for Deadline Dames image contest last night. Go see the image, or simply read it here. 250 word max. I used every word allowed. (oops on re-reading I found that I left out an important word, so adding it in it went to 251. Sigh. OK, my brain won't stop so I'm adding more words. Now it's 351. 250 is hard. Still I like the story and appreciate the prompt.)

“You will give it to me right now.” She stretched across the two pews I’d left between us, her hand landing inches from mine.

It wasn’t as frightening as she thought.

I already knew she couldn’t go full demon in a church so her human legs would keep her there, keep her from being a real threat. I stepped back, dropping my hands to my sides, out of grabbing range.

“I didn’t bring it with me.” I repeated. It was a lie. The crucifix was in my pocket, but I suddenly decided I didn’t want to part with my last keepsake left to me by my grandmother even if it would give me a nice down payment on a house. I could wait a few more years for a house. The apartment wasn’t that bad. Really, it wasn’t. Not compared to handing over the only thing left of the woman who raised me.

When I’d heard the offer I’d hoped she’d remind me of my grandmother, but she was as far from that solid gentle woman as I’d ever seen. It should have been obvious she’d be a demon. Who else would want to pay thousands for a necklace? It wasn’t even real gold.

“You do have it. I can smell it.”

Oh, now that made her very frightening. Her hand clenched and she slid closer, dragging her legs over the tops of benches.


I hadn’t thought of that. Her arms scooped out, snatching at my waist.

I slipped away and ran, but she only laughed. The sound echoed through the large empty room, stopping me at the door. If I went outside she could go full demon and I lost every advantage I might have had. If I stayed inside, I stayed in a closed room alone with her.

What had I gotten myself into?

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  1. Wow, that is AWESOME! I can see why you wanted to keep adding to it! So what happens next? :)