Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Update -Nano edition, week 3

I am so amazingly far behind.

I have excuses.

I have plenty of excuses. Labs, illness, the local MOMS Club (I've been on the Board there for the last three years) having issues I am not ready to discuss, but which has taken much more time than I have to give.

I've been diagnosed finally. Gastropareisis. Treatable, possibly curable if my body is willing to be retrained by medicines, but we won't know for several months. At least during those months I should be able to eat! As long as these headaches and the nausea (that I'm thinking are side effects from the medicine) go away.

Still, in the end I'm left with bunches of excuses and only 17,527 words (as I write this Tuesday night, though I'm hoping you might see a few more than that in my nanotracker in the sidebar when this posts in the morning). Then the other thing sick gives me is a leg up on is a Katiebabs-style writer's crisis without the progress she's had to get her on the road to feeling better. And she'd doing a million other projects too. (Admitting to some hyperbole there, but not much, did you read her post?)

My sister tells me that there's still hope that I can get my act together and write my words, (she's doing just fine on her words) but notice how it all starts with me getting my act together?

I'm not giving up yet, but I'm hesitant to hold out too much hope for miracles. Tomorrow, I'll need to call the doctor about medicine side-effects and whether my one medicine turns into five to fix the problems it causes, then it's early release for school which means we pick up little girl and meet hubby for lunch (usually I cook, but not when I feel like this) and then we'll be well and truly into my headache time (every afternoon and evening since I started taking the medicine).

It's not looking good so far. Maybe my act can start coalescing on Friday? With new less painful medicines? Let's hope.

And maybe next week I can have more status update and less whine. Sorry everyone, I promise I won't always be like this.

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