Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writing Groups

For those following the online writing group situtation, the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror has been more helpful, for me, after one night than Authonomy after several days and doesn't feel half so intimidating with people bargaining your vote for theirs. If you write genre, I'd definitely recommend them.

I started looking because I read Crusie's blog and realized that I needed more beta readers, but I wasn't sure how to find them. My first review on OWWSFFH had exactly those kinds of points made. It's a tit-for-tat site, so I'm making myself a goal of reviewing one submission each day, at least until November, then I'll take a break from everything but the upcoming medical tests and NaNoWriMo.

Otherwise, I'm still editing Magic Moon but I got distracted with the Random Writing from last week and I'm trying to figure out how far I can take it. I don't know Anne yet or why she's there any more than she does -- which becomes more and more important the longer it gets. And I need to figure out something short to write for tomorrow.

Also, for those who subscribe to clothdragon, you will know that I slipped today and posted a personal review to the wrong site. I have a private book review site I share with a few friends because sometimes I say bad things and I don't want to hurt feelings. Some of these may be first books for people and I would hate to hurt them unduly, but when I go shopping I want to remember who I bought and hated so I don't spend any more money there. (We vote with our money and while I don't want to be mean to someone, I also don't want to support writers I don't enjoy when there are so many others out there struggling to get published.)

The site is not nearly as polished as those professional review sites like Smart Bitches, Romancing the Blog, Katiebabs, Anna's Book Blog, or SciFi Guy, but because I slipped wanted to make an offer that anyone who wants to be added to the list of people who can read reviews on that page, just email me (I'm clothdragon on gmail too) or leave a comment below and I'll add you right away.

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