Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Writing is Hard

I've been doing research. With my goal not to write until the beginning of NaNoWriMo my plan has been to outline and research until then. I've been creating the society for my world, creating organizations and the characters I'll be writing about.

I have an idea what will be happening for the first ten chapters already, though I'm not sure exactly how it will work. I have an even more vague idea for the ending, though that hasn't been written out even in outline form, and I've created a timeline showing how the more important characters lived up until the beginning of the story. I have two scenes in mind introducing me to the main character that I can't write up for character sketches since they may appear in the novel.

And still I need so much more. I need to know more about the male lead. The bad guy is refusing to come forward and become a person, though I have some ideas about his motivation. I can't wait to figure out how it goes together, but I think I'm well on schedule to be ready for the writing month.


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