Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Am I

Once more on Wednesday, I have done 3 pages of this week's ten. I cannot seem to get ahead no matter how much I want to. Part of the problem is that I decided that the end needed to change to make it more concise and that means it's more new writing and less editing. Which means I have to keep reminding myself to write it down, keep going, and once I've gotten to the end I can go back and edit (again) afterward. It's the forward progress that's important.

The hardest part is that I have a story growing in my head -- the next one that I want to write -- and I completely refuse to put even two words on paper in the new story until I have finished the one I'm working on. That has been my weakness for years. New stories come with their come-hither looks and their sexy characters all beckony and drool-worthy. I follow blindly, only to trace after an even more attractive story a week or two later.

Well, no more. I am a one-story woman. At least until I have reached a point where I can stamp it and call it complete. (Again, but it should be easier now that I have a direction, right?) And this will happen by the end of this month. It will.

And October I will outline my new story, and November I will join NaNoWriMo and write as much of it as possible. By Christmas I will have had two whole months with my wonderful new story and will be happy to have finished out the current one.

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