Monday, September 21, 2009

Internet Memes, for no good reason

I like memes. It may be silly, but it amuses me to think I'm in on the inside joke with only a few million other people. And I really love it when the joke takes on a life of it's own.

Being Rick Rolled was the first one I really knew about, though it's better if you don't use scriptblocker to stop your browser from doing anything on its own and suddenly Rick Astley would be singing at you and you'd have no idea what happened.

Then, occasionally, if you really trusted the person, you'd go back and click the link again to figure out where the joke went, or why it won't go away (Cntrl-Alt-Delete, I've been told). And it would catch you all over again, until you figured it out. That the song is the joke, and it's on you. Then you shake your head and laugh and either get on with your day, or start planning Rick Rolls of your own. How can you make people click that link?

The next biggest, that I know of is the wolf shirt where the comments are the thing. 1,161 positive reviews, at the time I started writing this. Perhaps you should leave your own. It's even been made into a license plate.

Then there is the keyboard cat who has ended up on many shows, with the tagline "Play them off, Keyboard Cat" and then, of course they had to go there, the keyboard cat moon shirt.

Personally, I think Megan Fox is an internet meme. (Or does she only seem to be everywhere because I get digg in rss and there's little that digg likes better?) And Glen Beck, in a much less "wow, pretty girl" way. -- Reading that over, perhaps Megan Fox is only a digg meme. That would explain it. But then digg itself is funny. If you read the comments for anything posted there, half the comments are about how inadequate the average digg user is. The other half are Pedobear keystroke images.

The funniest thing (to me) about the memes are how quickly they spread so very many places. I swear, in the comment field for something I got in my higher education folder the other day that was suggesting a movement to anti-intellectualize the American public, there was a comment asking if Glen Beck might have raped and murdered a girl in 1990. (If I subscribed to fewer rss feeds, I'd track it down, but since I can't remember the day I'd be sorting through hundreds, but if you see Glen Beck's name come up on anything in the next month, read through the comments and watch for it.

That's the fun about internet memes. Spotting them in odd places. I know I've forgotten a number of them. All your base are belong to us? So many more.

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