Friday, September 11, 2009

End of the Week

Friday's post is usually begun on Monday, where I open it and add links through the week as I find interesting things. Not this week. Either less has interested me or I'm struggling over my lack of progress in the novel. I'm even re-thinking the name. Bring out Your Dead is the title I've been working with, but I keep thinking that would work best for the second book when Ricia's learned how to control her power.

Instead I've been considering versions of the word Waking or awake as she recognizes and learns her power. Things like Arise from Dead instead of arise from bed, but that might not be an obvious enough parallel. Or Dead, Not Sleeping, but when I looked it up to see if it had been used before -- it doesn't seem to have been on a book, but it was apparently used on Dr. Horrible. It was a character who wrote an email in the beginning. Sigh. I'd love to hear suggestions, dead quotes, anything that might work for someone coming to terms with being a necromancer, having power over the icky dead.

But, for a link or two... I had been reading The Intern as she discusses actual book purchases and trying to remember the last few books I've bought new. Most of mine come from garage sales used. Last night I did buy two new books. Not read yet, of course, but I bought Unclean Spirits by M.L.N. Hanover and Polgergeist by Kat Richardson. I read Kat's book one and liked it. I'll let you know how these go later, when I get around to them.

Today there's controversy about Disney buying Marvel, but that's not new. The thing that makes this one interesting is the cry that comic books are dead. Like print is dead. Of course the more media types anything goes into, the more popular it is, but I don't think books or comic books have spent their last hooray yet. Though with all the resets starting over their most famous characters, I think comic books are trying harder to get there.

Here, I'll spend a sentence supporting the joke. I got it.

And finally, cool picture, bad title. This isn't how total destruction on earth looks from space. It's how an erupting volcano looks from space. But that's neat enough.

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