Friday, September 4, 2009

Best of the Week

I want to go inside this house. I picture those blow-up chairs they sold for a while in the living room, and air mattresses in the bedroom, but the kitchen... I think there was once an inflatable grill made for the swimming pool, but I didn't understand how it could work. Maybe something like that in the kitchen?

Alright, yes, I know it's only a party toy, but imagine...

And who wouldn't be interested in watching Redshirts vs. Stormtroopers?

Internet warnings are great. I very definitely needed the one about forums. Reading comments on many news articles makes me despair for humanity.

Awww, Nathan Bransford appreciates me. Or at least a group I identify with.

Amazon doesn't have any good options for people who's Kindle has been stolen, and They Might Be Giants has a new album out.

And then there's Doghouse Diaries and xkcd which are particularly funny today. As well as The Rejectionist. Down in the comments the Health Department has been suggested as the anti-vampire taskforce, taking them out for code violations. I can just see them now, armed with those yellow final notice stickers attached to their stakes.

And the absolute coolest link for the week -- well after I've had Lasix and don't need contacts any more -- Augmented Contact Lenses! For super-vision! How cool would that be?! Yes, I am needlessly excited because by the time they get it working I'll need reading glasses, which probably don't come in contact lens form, and the contact lenses will probably interfere with the reading lenses working and there's no way I'm giving up reading even for bionic vision. Sigh. It's still cool though.

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