Monday, August 24, 2009

Beginnings - A look into this writer's life

Today little girl started her second year of school. We walked her to her class, like we had last year, but this time she didn't need us. Last year she clung to us and stared into the room, full of trepidation. This year we could barely get her attention long enough to say bye. Then it was done. No ceremony, no pomp. Little girl gets bigger each year. I did not cry. Well, until I started writing it down.

She's in multi-age, so while last year she was new needing help, this year she was given the task of watching out for the younger children. She'll be great at it. She's always loved to help.

Baby boy is playing on the computer in the study. I'm supposed to start working on potty training today. (Yes, he has learned how to use a computer before a potty. I know, where are our priorities? But it's Qimo - Linux simplified for little ones, so that's not too bad, right? Right?) Anyway, I'm not sure where to start. I think, right now, that right after lunch we'll have a potty time break -- dog training guides say 20 minutes after eating, I suppose I should look up the human equivalent before then.

I also need to write a little today. Or edit. Something. Stop thinking about my little ones getting big enough to move away, or hear about their first kiss, or have the dreaded sex talk. First things first, so I can enjoy the steps. The rest will come all too soon.

This year, all I need to worry about is reading for her and potty for him. She doesn't yet understand how amazing reading is, or the millions of worlds it opens for us, but by the end of the year she should. I'm so excited for her.

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